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Solubility Product Constant(KSP)

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Solubility Product Constant(KSP)

Post  ivansc_chris on Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:26 pm

1) The KSP for Chromium Hydroxide(Cr(OH)3) is 1.2x10(to the power of 15)M4, What is the molar solubitlity in pure water?
2) If the molar solubility for Bl2S3 is 1.8x10(raised to the power of 15)M, What would the KSP be?
3) If 0.04grams of LaF3 were dissolved in 500ml, calculate the KSP for Laf3.

Excuse me whoever is reading, please i have been cracking my skull all night, i'd be glad if i get some help on how to do these questions soon enough, before thursday, 29/11/2012 to be prcecise, i will appreciate this alot, Thank you very much.


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