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Redox titration question

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Redox titration question

Post  donaluc on Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:01 pm

In acid solution, SO3 2- ions oxidize Fe 2+ ions to Fe 3+ ions.

0.05 moles of FeSO4 (an excess) was added to 0.01 mole of Na2SO3 in solution.

After the reaction, the excess Fe 2+ was titrated against KMnO4 solution.

(i) Balance the following equation. Show the half ionic equations.

Fe 2+ + MnO4 - + H + -----> Fe 3+ + Mn 2+ + H2O

(ii) If 20.00cm3 of 0.10M KMnO4 were used in the titration, how many moles of MnO4 -

does this represent?

(iii) How many moles of Fe 2+ were left as an excess after reaction with SO3 2- ?

(iv) How many moles of Fe 2+ react with one mole of SO3 2- ?

(v) Give the oxidation number of Sulfur in Na2SO3.

(vi) Find the oxidation number of sulfur in the product after the SO3 2- reacts with the

Fe 2+.

Thanks for all the help Smile


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