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Titration of PHP

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Titration of PHP

Post  nibc on Thu Aug 08, 2013 12:25 pm

I would like to see your help as I have forgotten how to work out the Titration of PHP using the following samples of experiment:

Titration of PHP
The following are a set of results from an Experiment with the following Readings taken:
Sample weights of PHP used and the corresponding titre values:

Weight of sample bottle and PHP (g)  
Sample A: 1.6138          
Sample B: 1.8089      
Sample C:________

Weight of sample bottle (g)              
Sample A: 1.1156          
Sample B: 1.2752      
Sample C: ________

Weight (W) of PHP titrated (g)
Sample A: _______          
Sample B: ________        
Sample C: ________

Second burette reading (cm3)
Sample A: 25.10          
Sample B: 26.80        
Sample C: ________

First burette reading (cm3)              
Sample A: 0.00        
Sample B: 0.00      
Sample C: ________

Volume (V) of NaOH used (cm3)
Sample A: _______          
Sample B: ________        
Sample C: ________

V/W (cm3/g)
Sample A: _______          
Sample B: ________        
Sample C: ________

1. Complete the table
2. Calculate the number of moles of PHP titrated for each of sample A and B
3. Use your answers from 2. To find concentrations of the NaOH (to 4 significant figures) for each of A and B.
4. Find the average concentration of NaOH (to 4 significant figures).

Thanks in advance for your help!



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