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Chemical and physical change (misconception)

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Chemical and physical change (misconception)

Post  abbyon on Fri Aug 30, 2013 4:58 pm

Hope someone check and comment whether the list of definitions are acceptable and identify misconceptions in each answers.Thanks. Below are the list of answers from different people.

A Physical change is:

a) A change that can be seen by naked eyes.
b) A Change in shape, size, weight, structure and substance state (solid, liquid and gas)
c)The change that affects the arrangement of particles
d) when the state of an element or a compound changed
e) A reaction which is observed
f) A change in colour, states,strength and arrangement
g) The change of appearance of a substances

A chemical change is:

a) changes that occur during the reaction
b)changes that occur during the reaction between two substances or more
c)A reaction which is not visible
d) when the compound has completely change
f)The change in reaction where the particles actually react with another
g) when the atoms in the structure perform chemical changes between atoms and molecules
h) A change in molecular formula


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