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7 Interesting Facts Of Fluorine

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7 Interesting Facts Of Fluorine

Post  bejoy on Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:22 am

Fluorine is a chemical element, with symbol F and has an atomic number 9. It is the lightest halogen and exists as an exceedingly hazardous light yellow diatomic gas at normal conditions. As the most electronegative component, it is reactive in nature. Every other component, including some noble gasses forms compounds with fluorine. Fluorine reacts to all other elements and no chemical substance can liberate fluorine from any of its compounds. Hence, fluorine does not exist free in nature and was difficult for scientists to discover. It exits in volcanic gasses and warm waters. Its main source is fluorite; however, it also occurs in cryolite, seawater, bones and teeth. Fluorine is produced by electrolysis under unique conditions.
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