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India calls for a world free of chemical weapons

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India calls for a world free of chemical weapons

Post  bejoy on Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:55 am

India condemned the chemical attack in Syria and called for a world free of chemical weapons.

Venu Rajamony, Permanent Representative of India to Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), condemned the chemical attack in Syria and called for world free of chemical weapons.

The India's representative said, "A world free of chemical weapons means two things (a) that the existing stockpile of chemical weapons is irreversibly destroyed and (b) re-emergence of chemical weapons is scrupulously prevented."

Speaking on the future challenges and the daunting tasks of preventing the re-emergence of chemical weapons, Rajamony stated that "liquidation of existing stockpiles has been almost completed despite the process being expensive, technologically challenging and with potential consequences to the environment. Re-emergence could happen anywhere or anytime, with known or unknown chemicals and with no warning".

He further added, "Free availability of raw materials and enhanced access to technical know-how through the internet are factors which help subversive elements to craft chemical weapons with comparative ease. Emergence of non-state actors further exacerbates the situation".

The Indian delegation commended the efforts of the two co-chairpersons of the Open-Ended Working Group on Future Priorities (OEWG-FP).

The Indian representative stressed that the world faced daunting challenges with the discovery of new toxic molecules, advancements in deployment and dissemination techniques and "emergence of non-state actors are among the important developments that call for greater vigilance and for renewing our efforts".
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