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An Introduction Tin Element(Sn)

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An Introduction Tin Element(Sn)

Post  bejoy on Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:28 am

The discovery of tin is unknown as the time or the location of discovery was dated long back. Tools or weapons including tin was discovered by human’s years ago in 3,000 BC. Tin is the oldest man-made object that contain tin is the Bronze. Bronze is the element that contains both copper and tin. Historians reveal that tin was extracted for manufacturing and trading in Britain and Spanish Islands where it was found the most. Tin is the 49th most rich element in the earth’s crust, having 2 parts per million compared with 75 parts per million for zinc, 50 parts per million for copper, and 14 parts per million for lead.

Characteristics of Tin.
Tin is a soft and malleable metal.
Ductile and crystalline silvery-white metal.
It melts at low temperature of around 232 °Celsius (450 °Fahrenheit).
There are 2 kinds of allotropes beta-tin the metallic form, or white tin and alpha-tin or grey tin.
White tin or metallic form which is stable at room temperature is malleable.
Grey tin stable below 13.2 °Celsius is brittle.
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