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Carbonic Acid: Occurrence, Preparation, Properties and Uses

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Carbonic Acid: Occurrence, Preparation, Properties and Uses

Post  bejoy on Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:39 am

Carbonic acid:

Carbonic acid is a chemical compound with the chemical formula as H2CO3 and molecular formula as CH2O3. It is an inorganic weak acid, which exists only as a solution. Carbonic acid is also known as acid of air, aerial acid or dihydrogen carbonate. It forms two kinds of salts: carbonates and bicarbonates. Ph of carbonic acid is 4.68 in 1mM.
Carbonic acid is specifically diprotic acid, which means that it has two protons which can disassociate from the parent molecule. Thus, have two disassociation constants, first for bicarbonate ion disassociation and second for disassociation of the bicarbonate ion into the carbonate ion.

Carbonic acid is present in blood in the human body. It is formed in human body when water gets dissolved with carbon dioxide. It is also present in rain water, calcite, fermentation, coal, ground water, meteors, volcanoes, amino acids, proteins, oceans, plants, erythrocytes, sulphur deposits, salts, and caves.
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