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Catalysis and its importance in chemical industry

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Catalysis and its importance in chemical industry

Post  bejoy on Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:06 am

Reactant needs to overcome specific energy, namely activation energy in respect to form products. The activation energy is the variance within the energy of transition state and the reactant species. Certain reactant molecules have adequate kinetic energy to overcome the energy restriction whereas others don’t. Thus, not all the reactions happen at the same rate in general states. Hence, specific reagents are supplemented that lowers the desired activation energy for converting reactants to products. These chemical reagents are known as catalysts and the method of reducing the activation energy is known ad catalysis.

Distinct Categories of catalysts

1.Heterogeneous catalysts
Heterogeneous catalysts are substances that are in a distinctive than the reactants. For instance, the reagent may be in the solid state whereas the reactants are in a liquid or gas state. Heterogeneous catalyst is the catalytic converter in gasoline or in diesel-fueled cars is one common example.

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