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Everything about Acid Rain you need to learn

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Everything about Acid Rain you need to learn

Post  bejoy on Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:25 am

Acid rain is the rain or any other form of precipitation which is generally acidic, means which has exalted levels of hydrogen ions. The corrosive effect of acidic or polluted air was noted in the 17th century on limestone and marble by John Evelyn. Robert Angus Smith was the first in 1852, who showcased the relationship between acid rain and pollution in the atmosphere in Manchester. The etymology acid rain was coined by Robert Angus Smith in 1872.

Emissions of chemicals resulting in Acidification:

The most crucial gas leading to acidification is sulfur dioxide.

Natural phenomena:

The dominant natural process that injects acidic gases to the atmosphere are volcanoes emissions. For example, Laguna Caliente crater fumaroles of Poas Volcano develop extremely large amount of acid rain with high acidity of around 2 pH. Gases producing acids are also formed by some biological processes that appears on the land, wetlands and in the oceans. Dimethyl sulfide is the main biological source of sulfur composed compounds.

Important source of fixed nitrogen is nitric acid found in rainwater and it is also formed in the atmosphere because of electrical activities like lightning.

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