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the basic information of Pyroglutamic acid

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the basic information of Pyroglutamic acid

Post  sherryfu on Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:10 am

Pyroglutamic acid (also known as pidolic acid, or pyroglutamate for its basic form) is an uncommon amino acid derivative in which the free amino group of glutamic acid cyclizes to form a lactam. It is found in many proteins including bacteriorhodopsin. N-terminal glutamine residues can spontaneously cyclize to become pyroglutamate. Just D-PYROGLUTAMIC-ACID, it is one of Pyroglutamate derivatives.

Pyroglutamate has been shown to be effective in alcohol-induced memory deficits in humans and, more recently, in people affected with multi-infarct dementia (Scoppa, in press). In these patients, the administration of pyroglutamate brought about a significant increase of attention and an improvement on psychological tests investigating short-term retrieval, long-term retrieval, and long-term storage of memory. A statistically significant improvement was observed also in the consolidation of memory. In Italy, arginine pyroglutamate (one source of pyroglutamate) is used to treat senility, mental retardation, and alcoholism.And In Italy, arginine pyroglutamate (one source of pyroglutamate) is used to treat senility, mental retardation, and alcoholism .


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