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Application of benzyl alcohol

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Application of benzyl alcohol

Post  sherryfu on Tue May 04, 2010 11:36 pm

Benzyl alcohol is a good solvent of boiling point, mainly used in paint solvent, ink solvent, plexiglass solvent, reagent camera. PVC stabilizer , medicine. Synthetic resin solvent, cream or liquid preservative, print oil and oil-based solvents; used as a carpet to finish, welded cleaning agent. Silicone solvent stabilizer, intermediate of ether, or benzyl ester. Benzyl alcohol is deodorant, Eland essence, and other non-deployment spice for the preparation of soap. Essence of daily-use make-up


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Re: Application of benzyl alcohol

Post  jyoti on Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:44 pm

Benzyl Alcohol has chemical formula C6H5CH2OH. Its physical properties are: state is clear, colorless liquid .Melting point is -15 C . Boiling point is 203 - 205 C and many more properties. The properties are not known to every mankind , it is always known if we go through some books or carbonyl chemistry tutorial which will help you to learn these basic chemistry concepts.
Uses: as a solvents
chemical raw materials.
Use in health care
non-destructively recognize if an object is made of true quartz etc.


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