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Niacin Pills

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Niacin Pills

Post  sherryfu on Wed May 12, 2010 4:35 am

Niacin pills are available as both prescription medications and as non-prescription dietary supplements. These pills furnish the body with the lacking niacin or vitamin B3, thereby giving the body enough of the vitamin to be used in energy metabolism and raising levels of good cholesterol. Niacin pills for weight loss are also another benefit of this pill. However, they are not directly related. It's just that niacin provides the cells with energy that is gives one the motivation required to burn fat. Thus, indirectly this vitamin can be linked to weight loss.
Niacin pill dosage for adult males is 19 mg and for adult females is 13 mg. Pregnant women are recommended to have about 15 mg of niacin every day and lactating mothers are asked to have about 18 mg of niacin daily. If the pills are being taken to lower cholesterol levels in the body, then about 1000–5000 mg is recommended. The health care provider will not prescribe these levels of niacin all at once, but will use the titration rule, that is gradual introduction of niacin to the body over a period of time.
Use of niacin pills to pass drug test has been seen, wherein this vitamin was used to flush out drugs from the body. However, this is not true! Niacin does not flush out toxins from the body, moreover, excess of niacin will only cause the person taking it to land up in hospital due to niacin overdose. When test were taken, the tests for marijuana were still positive despite high levels of niacin in the urine. Thus, niacin was not able to flush out the drug.


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Re: Niacin Pills

Post  jyoti on Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:04 am

Niacin is basically a drug which help to control HIGH CHLESTROL. It is commonly called as nicotinic acid . The tablets are available in market which weighs 50 g . It can be taken full or by breaking it into two peices depending upon the requirements. There are so many more drugs available which can be used for medical purposes . These type of information is generally increased by studying so for this we should be clear about basic chemistry concepts which will help a lot.


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