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RSV Symptoms and Treatment

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RSV Symptoms and Treatment

Post  sherryfu on Sun May 23, 2010 8:11 am

The RSV symptoms can cause chronic lung infection in young babies. The other RSV symptoms in adults are similar to those of the common cold. The symptoms of the infections caused due to this virus can vary according to the age of the individual. In infants and young children, the RSV symptoms may be severe, but older children and adults show symptoms that are much more severe in intensity as compared to the symptoms observed in babies and young children.
Before administering treatment, the doctor may tell the infected person to undergo certain tests. A fluid sample from the nose and throat are taken and checked for the presence of the respiratory syncytial virus. Mild RSV symptoms don't require any treatments and will go down after a short period of time. In case the RSV symptoms are severe, then the patient may require hospitalization. An antiviral medication called ribavirin may be administered. If children are affected, then they may be given IV (intravenous) fluids, oxygen and humidified air. Sometimes they may also be needed to be put on the ventilator. In order to prevent the infection, practice healthy habits like frequently washing hands with disinfectants, eating a healthy diet and keeping the body well hydrated.


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Re: RSV Symptoms and Treatment

Post  jyoti on Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:54 am

RSV stands for respiratory syncytial virus. This virus can causes problem to Human respiratory system.
There is no vaccine for this type of infection caused by it.
As " PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE " so we need to take precautionary measure to avoid , so that our body should not be affected by it. An antiviral drug i.e. Ribavirin can be taken as a precautionary measure and it is recommended by doctor. There are so many other virus also which are unknown to masses so for this we need to study basic chemistry concepts and then spread it to masses.


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