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Introduce the Nickel (II) oxide for you

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Introduce the Nickel (II) oxide for you

Post  sherryfu on Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:16 am

Nickel (II) oxide is the chemical compound with the formula NiO. It is notable as being the only well characterized oxide of nickel (although nickel (III) oxide, Ni2O3 and NiO2 have been claimed). The mineralogical form of NiO, bunsenite, is very rare. It is classified as a basic metal oxide. Several million kilograms are produced in varying quality annually, mainly as an intermediate in the production of nickel alloys. NiO adopts the NaCl structure, with octahedral Ni (II) and O2− sites. The conceptually simple structure is commonly known as the rock salt structure. Like many other binary metal oxides, Nickel (II) oxide is often non-stoichiometric, meaning that the Ni: O ratio deviates from 1:1. In nickel oxide this non-stoichiometry is accompanied by a color change, with the stoichiometrically correct NiO being green and the non-stoichiometric NiO being black. Long term effects of inhalation of NiO is damaging to the lungs, causing lesions and in some cases cancer.


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Re: Introduce the Nickel (II) oxide for you

Post  caseycolin on Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:45 pm

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