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The definition of home

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The definition of home

Post  lilyqianweiku on Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:37 am

Home is the house that we live in ,but not only this ,every one has his own home, also have a lot of people eager to has his own home., each will believes that his own home is the best of the world.
Outside bleaching tired, home is where you rest harbour, always open a doors for you ,at home there is relations of people, they hope you go back at any time, think of this ,you will feel warm.
If people is hungry, home is rich in delicious food, if cold ,the home has the air condition, if you are tired, the home has comfortable bed, you can get whatever you can get at home ,so you first affirmation is your own home, everyday there are many couples in combination of family confident rebuild their own home and image the beautiful further
Say from broad sense, people usually to put our country likened a big family, so have a common idea, can make it more beautiful, it is also applied to our family, although our discuss ,we can get a best schedule, more people ,more powder ,believe we have a better further.
However, natural disasters are unfortunately let many people lost their homes, this needs our help, to pull them out. Then this big family will be more harmonious.
Finally I wish all people should cherish the people around, to join hands in creating a better future.


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