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How to wash your hair correctly?

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How to wash your hair correctly?

Post  yufei on Mon Nov 29, 2010 2:36 am

1. First of all, before using the shampoo, flush your hair with warm water first, let the hair and the scalp get fully moisten, let the dirt and hair dose dissolved in water, to make the hair easier to clean.
2. Pour the shampoo on the hand, and add some warm water then rub to create rich foam.
3. Pour the hair conditioner in the palm, then to spread on the hair evenly. And opposite to the shampoo usage, to massage began with hair tip clamped hair with finger gently and evenly, and then daub to the whole hair slowly.
4. Wipe the hair to a half dry state, then to wrap the hair with a dry towel, compress the towel tightly hands with your hands, to absorb the redundant water on hair clean.
5.The idea better than using hot wind to evaporate the moisture is: Take advantage of the wind that produced by the blower to make the hair fully contact With air when you comb your hair with hands, and the redundant moisture on the hair surface would be evaporated by the wind, You should start from the hair root to blow, and finally to blow dry the hair tip.


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