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use method of Dichloroethane

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use method of Dichloroethane

Post  gill on Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:16 pm

Because Dichloroethane is flammable vapor and liquid, it must not burn material with some mixed use.For food and seeds. Dichloroethane and carbon tetrachloride is usually mixed with 3:1 volume. The mixture on the seed germination and milling quality of grain had no adverse effects. Mixture of dichloroethane and carbon tetrachloride is liquid at room temperature, if used in the fumigation chamber, you can pour the liquid into the dish or directly on the sacks.As the gas heavier than air, in the fumigation of the first 1 hour and must be strong fan or hair dryer ventilation. The general use of ethylene dichloride per cubic meter of some of 300g or more,to easily cause a fire. Therefore, it can be mixed with chloropicrin, and ethylene dichloride, to prevent burning. Not be used for fumigation of cereal mixed seed. About the amount of chloropicrin dichloroethane 1 / 10, the methods used can be spray method and hang the bag method. Such as grain mass thickness of more than 1m should be used probe method. Fumigation of food storage per cubic meter of general medicine 90 ~ 135g, about 32 hours fumigation.


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