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Deterministic effects of radon and random effects

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Deterministic effects of radon and random effects

Post  gill on Wed Dec 15, 2010 10:34 pm

Radon is only natural natural radioactive gas produced by the decay of radium. The health effects of radon on human performance of deterministic effects and random effects. Deterministic effects as follows: in the high concentration of radon exposure, the body changes occur, such as blood cells in the peripheral blood red blood cells increase, neutropenia, lymphocytosis, blood vessels expand, blood pressure, and may increase blood clotting and high blood sugar to see . Radon has a high affinity for body fat, especially the nervous system combined with radon produced analgesia. Random effects mainly for tumors, because radon is a radioactive gas that, when people inhaled, radon decay process of α particles produced in the human respiratory system can cause radiation damage, induced lung cancer.


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