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Treasure in the Ocean

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Treasure in the Ocean

Post  gill on Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:44 pm

In our life, chemical resources everywhere, but we do not pay attention to it, to us the salt used in cooking, its main ingredient is sodium chloride.
In the ocean, chemical resources is the largest, we usually used in experiments to sodium chloride is extracted in the ocean. The concentration of magnesium in sea water after the chlorine and sodium, ranking No. 3, magnesium was in the possession of marine water is about 180 billion tons; bromine in the marine waters of the total reservoir capacity of 95 trillion tons, accounting for the total Earth 99% of the amount of storage bromide; The concentration of uranium in seawater was low, but it's always behind in the ocean water is about 4.5 billion tons, reserves of more than 2000 times higher than the land around it is huge potential of nuclear energy resources. Of potassium in sea water reservoir capacity of 5 million tons or so of total; in the possession of iodine in seawater is about 80 billion tons, but because of its concentration of only trace amounts (0.06ppm), therefore, provided by the iodine water directly to the slow progress .
These resources are the ocean of modern society, indispensable industry resource, but also in relatively large concentration of the ocean, so the chemistry of marine resources is a treasure.


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