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to: funion987 F/ thesci3141,moderator

Post  Thesci3141 on Wed Jan 05, 2011 8:23 pm

Hello,I would be contacting you through E-Mail,However, Something is wrong with my password. I can't seem to login to it. I am having my provider check into it. In the mean time,I have A few questions about moderator responsibilitys. I have no problem with discussing these on an open forum, for I believe it concerns and belongs to everyone that has an interest in this site. I have deleted two posts because I thought they could have been drug (illegal type) related. I do not like deleting other peoples posts but, I will if I think it threatens the purpose of this forum. As far as my questions go, Do you think I should delete old (90 days) posts that have not seen any activity? What is the criteria for banning someone from the forum ? What do you think I should do about someone posting nothing but a large number of facts that are available anywhere? Thank You for your time. NOTE: Anyone on this site,please give me some input here. Also, Any suggestions.


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