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The "MOLE" Here it is

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The "MOLE" Here it is

Post  Thesci3141 on Wed Jan 05, 2011 9:14 pm

Here, I will teach those who don't know what the Mole is in chemistry. It is one of the basic and most important concepts you should undurstand if you are interested in chemistry. One Mole of any element or compound contains 6.02*10^23 atoms or molecules of that substance. As such,this also relates to mass (on earth,what is referred to as weight). Take a look at the Periodic table of elements (This should be hanging on your wall!) Check out the , atomic weights,These numbers refer to 1-Mole of the element. Example: Sodium-23 (I am rounding), 23 grams (Thats right,weighed on scales ) equals: 1-mole. Now for compounds. Let's take common salt sodium chloride. The molecure formula is NaCl. One sodium atom and one chlorine atom. Add them up,It is this simple. One Na=23,One Cl=35.45. This equals 58.45. If you weigh out 58.45 grams of pure sodium chloride, You will have 1-Mole 0f it. For gases,This also holds true. One other fact about gases. For the most part,All gases at S.T.P (standard temperature and pressure: O'C and 760mm HG (sea level) ) 1-mole occupies 22.4 Liters. More later from me. I need a drink.Ha


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