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Essential oil + liquid state, Answer

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Essential oil + liquid state, Answer

Post  Thesci3141 on Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:10 pm

Hello, Interesting problem. Are you talking about these substances at S.T.P. ? I am assuming you are. What you are saying about something being a solid or liquid just by virtue of double or single bonds is not that simple. A more determinate reason for the state of an organic substance is, the number of carbon atoms in the molecule. Check out the simple Alkane series. It goes from gases to liquids to solids by virtue of the number of carbon atoms in the molecules. Also, The fat; stearin exists inthree phases. It can melt at 71.5',65',or 54.5'. There is no simple formula or law that I know of to determine this. Of course,I don't know it all and never will. That is why I am on this forum. Not only to teach but, Also to learn. By the way. Please post your questions on "Questions and answers". Thank you. Randy


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