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Something About Frech Historic Gardens

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Something About Frech Historic Gardens

Post  yufei on Tue Jan 11, 2011 4:31 am

The French gardening art was started by architect at first; especially the classical architecture was superb,many immortal works fully embodies this, except the Versailles which stands for the essence of French art, the living one such as Louvre—The biggest art museum which located in Paris, except for lots of arttreasure set in the palace, it is a huge construction arttreasures itself; The Palais Bourbon is a imposing classical architecture with a more than 260 years history; And Elysée Palace, Luxembourg Palace, Notre Dame de Paris, Paris wax work museum, Arch of Triumph are also some outstanding works of architecture. Now, as the world cultural integration, although there are more and more excellent landscape works, we can't deny that French classical garden still left us with deep imprint.


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