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The use of Litsea Oil

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The use of Litsea Oil

Post  gill on Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:15 am

Litsea oil is an important flavor and fragrance industry, the oil, its use has the following:
Spices Cubeba Oil:
1. citral is often used to distill for the synthesis of ketones, spices and vitamins such as violets.
2. also can be used directly on fragrances and food flavors, can be adjusted as provided refreshing flavor, refreshing aroma of incense head.
The seasoning Cubeba Oil:
Currently, as a seasoning Litsea oil there are serious obstacles to standards, and the state of the seasoning oil QS norms conflict. Litsea Oil indicators of water and volatile flavor oil is much higher than the mandatory targets QS (pepper oil is also similar to this.) Seasoning oil QS required moisture and volatile matter ≦ 0.2%, and as a condiment used cubeba oil, the main advantage of the oil Litsea volatile components, namely, flavor ingredients, which is the composition of consumers. Therefore, Litsea oil contains more essential oils, the higher the volatile matter.


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