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The Roles of Petrochemical Industry

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The Roles of Petrochemical Industry

Post  vaseline on Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:21 am

Petrochemical industry plays an important role in national economy. In different fields such as material industry, its roles are different. But the importance of these various roles is equal.

First, petrochemical industry is the main supplier of energy. As petrochemical industry is to produce gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, heavy oil and natural gas through chemical processing of petroleum, its position as a main energy supplier cannot be denied. In 1995, the amount of fuel oil in our country reached 80 megatons. At present, the consumption amount of petroleum and natural gas takes up 60 percent of the whole all over the world. Petrochemical industry can provide energy for automobiles, tractors, airplanes, steamships and boilers. In addition, petrochemical industry can also provide some fuel for people’s daily life. But it cannot be ignored that energy is an important factor to affect national economy. The development of petrochemical industry must consume about 8.5 percent of the world's total energy. So how to reduce consumption amount is a serious question.

Second, petrochemical industry is one of pillars of material industry. The three main materials include metal, non-metallic inorganic material and high molecular synthetic material. The output of high molecular synthetic material produced by petrochemical industry has reached about 145 million tons all over the world. The output in China exceeded 8 million tons in 1996. Except high molecular synthetic material, most of organic chemicals are produced by petrochemical industry. In all the fields of chemical industry, petrochemical industry can do quite well.

Third, petrochemical industry promotes agriculture’s development. Agriculture is the base of national economy. Petrochemical industry can provide what agriculture needs. For example, petrochemical industry can produce nitrogenous fertilizer, plastic film, agricultural pesticide and various fuels needed by agricultural machineries. So it is can be said that petrochemical industry is the main force to develop agriculture.

Forth, the products of petrochemical industry are the necessary materials for each industrial sector. Modern transportation keeps a close relationship with fuel. It can be said that without fuel, modern transportation will never exist. Building materials industry is a new field of petrochemicals. Many materials in building materials industry like plastic pipes, doors, windows and paving materials are all called chemical building materials. Light industry and textile industry are the traditional users of petrochemicals and even study and development of their new materials and techniques cannot leave petrochemicals. Nowadays, the rapid development of electronic industry and many other high and new technology industries put many new requirements on petrochemical industry, which is a great challenge and opportunity for further development of petrochemical industry.

Fifth, the development of petrochemical industry cannot proceed smoothly without other industries’ support. Petrochemical industry is a technology intensive one. Therefore, the standards of its production methods, technology and equipment models are all set strictly. Petrochemical industry can not develop deeply without strengthening the study toward such basic subjects as organic chemistry, high polymer chemistry, chemical engineering and automation, cultivating professionals with skills to help them grasp scientific achievements, and coordinating relevant engineering techniques.


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