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Chemistry is a long history but a vibrant academic

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Chemistry is a long history but a vibrant academic

Post  jennyyao on Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:41 am

The material world is composed of the chemical is a human to understand and transform the material world one of the main ways and means, it is a long history but a vibrant discipline, understanding and use of our material has an important role in began to fire from primitive society to the use of artificial substances in modern society, humans are enjoying the chemical results. Human life can continue to improve and improve, in which the contribution of chemistry played an important role.
Chemistry is one of important basic science, with physics, biology, geography, astronomy and other subjects of mutual penetration, has been rapid development, also contributed to other disciplines and technologies. For example, nucleic acid chemistry research to today's biology from the cellular level to the molecular level, the establishment of molecular biology; the chemical composition of various stars of analysis, the distribution of the elements of the law, found in interstellar space have simple compounds in the presence of celestial evolution and modern cosmology provides the experimental data, but also enriched the content of dialectics of nature.
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