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Not all food is edible

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Not all food is edible

Post  rihanna on Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:04 pm

Every day we are likely to eat a lot of food with some toxins, but the large-scale production of fruits and vegetables guarantee our security. However, sometimes we hear that someone is hurt by eating some toxic parts of food. Thus it is necessary to list some dangerous foods.

1. Tomato
Toxin: alkaloid. Toxic parts: stems and leaves
Tomatoes are popular in dining tables but they are toxic. Though their pulp doesn’t contain toxin, their stems and leaves contain a chemical substance called alkaloid. Alkaloid is more contained in wild tomatoes which causes gastrointestinal function disorder and anxiety. In fact, it is usually used to expel parasite. Thus, remember to remove leaves and stems when eating tomatoes.

2. Apple
Toxin: cyanide. Toxic parts: kernels.
Wherever you go, you will find apples are the most popular fruit. There is no toxin in their pulp, but kernels contain a toxin: cyanide. Though you won’t die if eat a kernel, but it is definitely unhealthy for the body. Of course, if you swallow many kernels, you are likely to have complication.

3. Almond
Toxin: cyanide. Toxic parts: raw almonds.
Most people consider almonds as nut fruit but actually seeds. They are also popular in dining tables. But if you don’t heat almonds in some way, they can be very toxic, especially those with biter flavor. In some countries, selling almonds without any procession is illegal.

4. Potato
Toxin: alkaloid. Toxic parts: stems and leaves.
We have heard many stories about potatoes, no matter Irish Phato Famine, or many other historical events. But you may not hear that potatoes are toxic. Their stems and leaves are toxic, even themselves are toxic. If you observe them carefully, you will find some are virescent caused by glycoalkaloid. There were cases that someone died of eating virescent potatoes or their leaves. However, you don’t need to worry about occasionally eating those potatoes. You need to make sure that you throw away those potatoes especially when you cook for kids.

5. Pimiento
Toxin: capsaicine.
Every pimiento you eat contains some chemical substance called capsaicine. Of course it is not dangerous to eat one pimiento but if you eat a lot, you would be in danger. This chemical substance is very powerful, and thus it is used as the paint remover and pepper spray by police. In Havana where pimientos are especially spicy, you feel the burn once you cut them.

6. Puffer fish
Toxin: tetrodotoxin. Toxic parts: some organs.
Puffer fish is the second toxic vertebrate in the world. Though in USA it is not common to eat it, in Korea and Japan, people think it is very delicious. But some organs such as the liver are fatal. Tetrodotoxin causes high blood pressure and muscular paralysis. Nonetheless, most Asians can not resist the temptation of puffer fish.


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Post  angrybird on Sun Jul 10, 2011 6:29 pm

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