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Four Kinds of Vegetable in Summer Make You Young

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Four Kinds of Vegetable in Summer Make You Young

Post  vaseline on Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:48 pm

It is not enough for you to keep young just by making full use of various skin care products. In summer, there are four kinds of vegetable which are both delicious and effective in making you young.

The first kind of vegetable to be introduced is balsam pear. Balsam pear has many obvious features of nutrition. First, it contains rich vitamin C, vitamin B and alkaloid; second, it contains relatively rich galacturonic acid and pectin. The bitter taste of balsam pear comes from the quinine of alkaloid. These nutrients play effective roles in improving appetite, promoting urination, invigorating blood circulation, diminishing inflammation, bringing down the fever and producing refreshing effect to the mind. Although balsam pear is bitter, the taste is refreshing. Balsam pear has the effect in stimulating the appetite in summer. In addition, balsam pear will never pass the bitter taste to others. For example, if you cook fish with balsam pear together, the fish will never become bitter.

Tomato contains rich protein, fattiness, carbohydrate, line acid, carotene, vitamin B and vitamin C and so on. Tomato can even be regarded as a vitamin warehouse. In addition, it contains abundant minerals like calcium, phosphorus and iron which can accelerate the growth of the teenagers and tomatin which can inhibit the growth of bacteria. In recent years, scientists have found that tomato contains a kind of anti-cancer and anti-aging substance called glutathione. When the consistency of glutathione rises, the risk of getting cancer will decrease. Therefore, eating tomatoes can prevent ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer and prostate cancer, etc. At the same time, tomato can push off the aging of some cells, lowering blood pressure and prevent nyctalopia and so on.

The third kind of vegetable is pumpkin. There are two reasons to explain the functions of pumpkin to make people young. The first reason is pumpkin contains rich vitamin A which can keep the skin tender, and the second reason is that the trace elements contained in pumpkin like cobalt, zinc, copper and pectin can accelerate the normal secretion of the human insulin and effectively prevent and treat diabetes, hypertension and some pathological changes of the liver and kidney.

Carrot is the last kind of vegetable to be introduced here. Carrot contains rich carotene which can be transformed into vitamin A in the human body. Even if you boil carrots, the carotene in them will rarely be destroyed. Carrot is rather beneficial to the human health. It can enhance the human immunity, protect the eyes and prevent cancers. In addition, carrot plays an important role in beautifying and body-building. As carrot contains a kind of substance which can absorb the sunlight, it is better for people to eat carrot in the evening.

There are four kinds of vegetable in summer which can keep people healthy and make people young. People should make full use of these various vegetables to improve personal health.


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