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The Indirect Conversion Method of the Application of Natural Gas in Chemical Industry

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The Indirect Conversion Method of the Application of Natural Gas in Chemical Industry

Post  vaseline on Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:55 pm

One of conversion ways to apply natural gas in chemical industry is indirect method. Indirect method is to produce chemicals like clean oil, carbinol and low carbon olefin through processing synthesis gas produced by natural gas at the beginning.

Indirect method is to transform natural gas into synthesis gas and further synthesize synthesis gas into other chemicals. The cost of synthesis gas takes up about 60% of the whole investment and cost. Therefore, the development of new technology of synthesis gas plays a crucial role in increasing the economic benefits in the application of natural gas chemical industry. In order to reduce the energy consumption of producing synthesis gas and accelerate the flexible adjustment of hydrogen-carbon ration, several kinds of production technologies of synthesis gas have been developed by researchers and scholars. There are three various stages of technology of applying synthesis gas at home and abroad. The technology of producing carbinol and synthesis ammonia by natural gas is mature; the technology of producing liquid fuel by natural gas is growing; and the technology of producing dimethyl ether and olefin by natural gas is to be industrialized.

(1)The production of carbinol and synthesis ammonia by natural gas
The production of carbinol and synthesis ammonia by natural gas with mature technology and large-scale production is the most important way to apply natural gas in chemical industry. At present, the production scale of a single set of carbinol equipment can generally reach 0.5 million to 0.85 million per year. The equipment of 1.7 million production scale per year has already been put into production recently. Now, ICI Company has developed green carbinol technology which can not only reduce the consumption of natural gas but also reduce carbon dioxide emission.

(2)The production of liquid fuel by natural gas/ GTL
In recent years, the requirement of environmental protection is becoming stricter and stricter, and the demand of clean fuel and high-grade lubricating oil is increasing. Generally speaking, GTL (natural gas to liquids) can meet nearly all the requirements of environmental protection. Therefore, in order to make full use of natural gas resource and casing-head gas in remote areas, experts abroad have quickened the speed of developing GTL technology. The GTL technology is composed of three parts: the production of synthesis gas, the synthesis of Fisher-Tropsch and the processing of synthetic oil. Among these three parts, the production of synthesis gas and the synthesis of Fisher-Tropsch are the core parts, and the synthesis of Fisher-Tropsch is the core component.

(3)The production of low carbon olefin by natural gas
in recent years, many companies like ExxonMobil、UOP、NorskHydro、Lurgi and BASF have already begun their research on the technology of MTO. MTO technology takes carbinol as raw material to produce ethene and propylene. During the process, the transformation ration can reach higher than 99%. At present, the technology of MTO has been industrialized. With the development of technology and constant changes of oil price in the future, the MTO technology will bring considerable economic and social benefits.

(4)The production of dimethyl ether by natural gas
Dimethyl ether is regarded as an ultra-clean fuel in the 21st century. The main technologies for the production of dimethyl ether by natural gas include two kinds: two-step approach and one-step approach. The technology of two-step approach is to produce carbinol by synthesis at first, and then to dehydrate carbinol into dimethyl ether at last. The technology of two-step approach is relatively mature and has been applied in industrial production. At present, the development trend of the production of dimethyl ether by natural gas is to lead the equipment into a large-scale direction.


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