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Proposals on Improving the Level of Biochemical Industry in Our Country

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Proposals on Improving the Level of Biochemical Industry in Our Country

Post  vaseline on Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:00 pm

Biological energy is one of the most important ways to substitute petroleum. Therefore, it is expected for biological energy and biochemical industry to accelerate their development speed under the support of national financial policies. In order to develop both biological energy and biochemical industry with stable steps at the same time, supporting ranges must be strictly limited. First, biological energies and biochemical industry which can substitute petroleum directly, such as biological fuel ethanol and biodiesel, should be developed at the first place. Second, fair competition must be carried out. Experts should analyze and judge the conditions of production technology and financial status of relevant enterprises. On the basis of an open, fair and equitable principle, the enterprises with high efficiency and little subsidy should be considered as supported objects. Third, capital should be collected to support a handful of competitive enterprises. There are some proposals on improving the level of biochemical industry in our country.

(1)Biochemical enterprises should produce marketable biochemical products with markets as a guide. Before making the decision of development direction, enterprises should take such influencing factors as good fundamental conditions, mature technology conditions, bright prospect into consideration. The products must be market-oriented.
(2)The integration of innovation and improvement of traditional industry should be stressed. Independent research and the introduction of advanced technologies should be combined together. New products, materials, engineering technologies and devices should be given priority and be encouraged and supported so that a series of biochemical superior products will be formed gradually. Traditional chemical technology should be innovated by biotechnology so as to establish new biochemical industry, which can lay the foundation for the further development.
(3)Interdisciplinarity should be advocated, and the ability of biochemical installation should be raised. The biochemical talents focusing on research and development with the comprehensive ability in the fields like biology, chemistry and mechanics and electricity should be trained. The research of biomedical polymer materials cannot be completed just by the people of biochemistry. It is possible to realize the industrialization of biomedical polymer materials through the organizing multidisciplinary researches.
(4)More capital and technological investments should be put into the development of biochemical industry. Biochemical industry is a field of high cost and high output. Nowadays, biochemical technology has achieved great development, which cannot leave the scientific research investment of governments and large companies. From the angle of present national strength, it is impossible to totally depend on the national investment. It is necessary to call on enterprises’ investment to scientific research and production.
(5)The team building of talents in biochemical industry should be strengthened. In order to set up an efficient development system of biochemical industry, it is inevitable to disperse the researchers reasonably so as to establish a strong and powerful development team in enterprises and remove repeated studies in a low level, which will finally realize the integration of research, development, production and marketing.
(6)The technological cooperation and exchanges with the experts abroad should be carried out. In order to further develop biochemical industry in our country and raise its development level, the advanced techniques, devices and experiences should be introduced from abroad.


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