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The Doubtable Ways of Removing the Decorative Pollution

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The Doubtable Ways of Removing the Decorative Pollution

Post  vaseline on Mon Jul 04, 2011 2:11 am

Nowadays, more and more have paid great attention to the harm caused by the decorative pollution. The decorative pollution can seriously threaten the physical health and cause various diseases. For example, the respiratory system can be seriously affected if people absorb the toxic chemical substances released by the decorative materials like paint. In order to protect the physical health, people always study various ways to eliminate the pollution as far as pollution. For example, the quality of the decorative materials has been improved greatly than that of the traditional materials. However, not all the popular ways can really remove the pollution and protect the human health.

Some people advise that people can scatter 3% of the peracetic acid or 3% of lysol water on the surface of the wall. In addition, people can also make full use of vinegar to fumigate the house. However, according to the experts, the lysil water and peracetic acid can just remove the biological pollution in the air, such as bacteria and germs. But the toxic chemical substances like benzene and formaldehyde can not be removed just by the lysol water. If indoor decoration has been just finished, the lysol water and peracetic acid can even corrode the wall space and furniture. Therefore, people should rather be careful when they choose such tools.

Except the tools mentioned above, other products have been published on the market. Some people always choose the products blindly, which can bring various hidden harms. The products containing active carbon and bamboo charcoal play an important role in absorbing formaldehyde. Therefore, people can put the products in the close room like cabinet and wardrobe to effectively absorb the toxic chemical substances in the air like formaldehyde. Generally speaking, the more products can achieve more effects. However, some products contain the compositions which can cause oxidizing reaction with the decorative materials. For example, they can cause the metal decorations to get rusty. Some products contain pungent tastes which can seriously affect the physical health of the human body and cause various diseases.

The indoor pollution caused by the decorative materials can cause various problems for people to deal with. In order to protect the physical health and improve the living environment, people should choose proper products to remove the pollution so as to prevent more serious results. When they come across doubtable ways and doubtable products, they can ask the experts for advice.


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