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Benzene Series: Chemical Pollutants inside the House

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Benzene Series: Chemical Pollutants inside the House

Post  vaseline on Mon Jul 04, 2011 2:12 am

Nowadays, the manufacturers have made full use of benzene series like toluene and xylene during the process of producing various kinds of decorative material. However, benzene is inflammable and volatile. The excessive absorption of beneze can seriously threaten the physical health of the human body. For example, headache, sickness and even death can be caused. The chronic poisoning and neurasthenia can be caused. The symptoms of neurasthenia mainly include insomnia, weakening memory and listlessness. The benzene series have been regarded as carcinogenic substances by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Benzene inside the house mainly comes from the raw materials of decorative materials, such as paint and organic solvent. As it is volatile, people can absorb it easily. Generally speaking, benzene mainly exists in paint, cementing compounds, water-proof materials and so on. In addition, the matarials with poor quality can contain the high content of benzene series. When people buy the decorative materials, they should choose the materials with good quality so as to prevent the harm of benzene series at source.

The chronic benzene poisoning can seriously stimulate the skin, eyes and the upper respiratory tract. The frequent touch of benzene can make the human skin become dry. The long-term absorption of benzene can even cause aplastic anemia. At the preliminary stage, the bleeding symptoms can be caused. Then, the number of white blood cells and blood platelets can be decreased. When the situation is worsened, the hematopoietic function of bone marrow can be restrained and aplastic anemia can be finally caused. When the hematopoietic function is completely destroyed, the leukemia can be gradually caused.

What’s more, women are more sensitive to the harm caused by the benzene series. Toluene and xylene can also affect the reproductive functions of the human body. In addition, the long-term absorption of benzene can cause irregular menstruation. The symptoms of irregular menstruation mainly include menorrhagia and menstrual disorder. If pregnant women always absorb benzene, the pregnancy-hypertension syndrome, vomiting of pregnancy and gestational anemia can be seriously caused. Benzene can even cause the congenital defects of the fetuses. Therefore, in order to maintain the physical health, people should choose the decorative materials containing little benzene. After the house is decorated, people can not live in the house immediately. The adequate time should be provided for benzene series to volatilize from the materials. In a word, people, especially pregnant women, should keep away from benzene series.


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