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Periodic table of elements and chemistry

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Periodic table of elements and chemistry

Post  jennyyao on Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:02 am

When you open your chemistry textbook, wheather you pay attention to a list at the bottom page of this textbook. Now, we know the list called Periodic table of elements and chemistry. But you do not look down on this table. It reveals the secrets of the physical world, putting something seems irrelevant element to unify, and forms a completed natural system. It's invention, is a stunt in the history of modern chemistry, to promote the development of modern chemistry. Once, people see this table, they will recall it's the first inventor - Mendeleev.
Periodic table of elements and chemistry, revealing the internal relations to all kinds of elements, reflecting the connection between the properties of elements and their atomic structures. It is important in all aspects of philosophy, science and production practices.
Through the periodic table of elements and chemistry, we know most pesticides contain Cl, P, S, N, As and other elements of the compounds, we know that semiconductor materials are cycle list in bounds on metal or nonmetal elements such as Ge, Si, Ga, Se, etc. we aslo can choose cats, find something contained minral by this table. In summary, chemical elements periodic table plays an important role in our daily life and production.


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