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Environmental-friendly Materials of Decoration at Home

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Environmental-friendly Materials of Decoration at Home

Post  vaseline on Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:46 pm

Nowadays, with the development of the industry of house furnishing, the advantage of price promotion can not attract the attention of the clients any more. More and more people have paid great attention to the new materials of decoration so as to decrease various pollutants at home. New materials of decoration mainly include static-free PVC (polyvinyl chloride) floor, metal decorating sheet and diatomite paint. These materials can enhance the convenience of decoration and decrease the harms of indoor pollution.

The PVC floor is a kind of new environmental-friendly flooring. It is the excellent outcome of PVC wear layer with high purity and unique PUR (polyurethane) paint coat. It has strong resistance to wear and impact. At the same time, the PVC floor has high-thermal conductivity and excellent dimensional stability. In addition, the PVC floor can effectively prevent moisture and noise. When people are choosing the PVC floor, the most important standard is the content of released formaldehyde. The PVC floor with excellent quality will never release formaldehyde.

The metal decorating sheet has brought absolutely new combination modes to people. The variety of metal decorating sheet is rather diverse. The decorating sheet can be a product of metal materials or a mixture of metal materials and other materials. The metal decorating sheet can effectively prevent wear, pollution, corrosion and fire. Because of these unique features, the metal decorating sheet can be used as interior door, cupboard and background door and so on. The texture and glamour of metal materials can be completely demonstrated. What’s more, the hardness and coldness of metal can be effectively hidden by colors.

As for the paint, a kind of diatomite paint has become rather popular among the users. This kind of paint plays an important role in purifying the air. Diatomite is a kind of new decorative material for wall. The paint is made of the mineral substances of diatom. According to the experts, diatomite is a kind of natural material and it will not release any harmful substances inside the room. In addition, it can effectively improve the living environment for people. Diatomite can regulate the indoor humidity automatically and purify the air to remove the peculiar smell. As a kind of environmental-friendly material, diatomite is the ideal building material for the modern house.


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