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A Balanced Diet Protects the Human Body

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A Balanced Diet Protects the Human Body

Post  vaseline on Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:10 pm

It is important for people to maintain a balanced diet so as to supplement necessary nutrients for the body and maintain the normal physical activities. Therefore, a balanced diet can help people protect the physical health. The balanced diet is composed of various nutrients like protein, calcium, trace elements and mineral substances.

People should drink a cup of milk each day so as to supplement calcium and improve the deficiency of calcium. What’s more, milk contains abundant high-quality protein. Some people dislike milk, so they can use yogurt or soymilk to take the place of milk. At the same time, people should eat 250 grams of carbohydrate. Of course, it is not necessary every one to maintain the intake of 250 grams. According to the personal situations like sex and age, people can control the intake amount flexibly, which can adjust the blood sugar, blood fat and physical weight. In addition, people should maintain the adequate supplementation of high protein. Various foods contain high protein, such as fish, soy bean, lean meat and egg. The protein contained in fish can effectively prevent arteriosclerosis, and the protein contained in soy bean and bean products can decrease cholesterols and prevent cancer to some degrees.

Coarse foods play an important role in protecting the human body. Therefore, people can not ignore coarse foods in everyday life. Coarse grain and refined grain are complementary in nutritious supplementation for the human body. The two kinds of foods can supplement protein, increase the use ratio of protein and provide vitamins, trace elements and cellulose.

In addition, the adequate intake of vegetables, fruits and yellow foods should not be ignored. 500 grams of vegetables and fruits each day can supplement essential nutrients for people and prevent the formation of gastric cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer for the human body. The foods can even resist headache, insomnia and cardiovascular diseases. The foods in yellow like carrot and pumpkin contain abundant nutrients. The carotene contained in yellow foods can be transformed into vitamin A inside the human body so as to strengthen the immunity and decrease the risks of getting various diseases.

In everyday life, people can also drink green tea which contains rich vitamins, trace elements, caffeine and tea polyphenol. Green tea can help the human body to resist oxidation, atherosclerosis and tumor. It can even protect the human heart and prevent radiation. Therefore, people can drink green tea moderately based on their own situations.


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