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An acid for healthy digestion

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An acid for healthy digestion

Post  team2012 on Wed Aug 03, 2011 8:12 pm

If you know something about the operating process of stomach, you may know that it often contains hydrochloric acid. It acted as a helper in digesting food by making fats and protain broken down. The low PH of the stomach’s hydrochloric acid can help destroy bacteria and some microorganism. The same amout HCL is prepared for the same amout of protain and calcium.

As healthy stomach acid is needed for health, if you don’t have enough acid, it may cause some terrible results , you can’t digest some food and you can’t absorb some nutrients properly which may lead you bad health. Even the bacteria and some microbes can not be killed by your low hydrochloric acid. Now that you have known some about the healthy problems, you should take care your amout of hydrochloric acid. What’s more if you can’t put enough attention on these symptons, after a while you will find that these symptons can pave way for full-blown diseases.


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Re: An acid for healthy digestion

Post  sthanheykel on Thu Sep 08, 2011 3:31 pm

Which kind of digestion are you talking about? You mean only human digestion or every kind of digestion? BTW Remember you will need a redox equation in order to produce energy, oxidizing the food, reducing carbon dioxide to produce carbonhydrates.


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