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Potassium iodide,you may know and you should learn for your safety

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Potassium iodide,you may know and you should learn for your safety

Post  team2012 on Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:41 am

You know potassium iodide from your daily knowledge and you may take this from your doctor’s advice. You don’t know it is associated with many diseases.
Potassium iodide is a kind of salt and is an important material to make thyroid hormones. Where are they from, they are from the food we eat. You may be surprised. This gives us advice that we should consider it carefully before we takes KI.
At least,we should know what KI does clearly. For example,when we follow a radiological event,the radioactive iodine will be released into air. As a workman ,we may breathe into the lung. And the radioactive iodine may also contaminate the food and water you drink. When the pollution gets into your body, such as the lungs and your stomach, we say that the internal contamination has happened. In case of this damage,our body has had some disease. And the internal iodine will work as brave soldiers and prevent the pollution outside to make some bad influences. Every coin has two sides. As we know about what KI can do. We must know what KI can't do. As KI can protect our thyroid,but other parts ,it can’t work. It can prevent the KI enter the body. However it can change the damage in the thyroid caused by radioactive elements KI,but not other chemicals. Because if the the radioactive iodine is not present, then taking KI is no longer useful. alien


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