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The Recipe for Cancer Prevention

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The Recipe for Cancer Prevention

Post  vaseline on Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:41 am

Nowadays, more and more people are troubled by various kinds of cancer, such as lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. The medical experts have been studying the newest techniques of treating cancer. In fact, the cancer can be effectively prevented if people maintain the balanced diet in everyday life. In order to help people prevent and treat cancer, the reasonable recipe has been published in America.

Generally speaking, people should increase the intake of vegetables and grains and decrease the intake of animal meat. Even the intake of the animal protein should be reduced moderately. 5 kinds of vegetables and fruits should be taken every day. The overweight can increase the risks of getting colon cancer, esophageal cancer and kidney cancer. The adequate intake of vegetables and fruits can not only maintain the human body slim, but also reduce the risks of getting cancer. Therefore, the medical experts advise peoplelycopene to at least take 5 kinds of fruits and vegetables every day. When people have breakfast, they should frequently eat the foods containing folic acid. The supplementation of folic acid can prevent the colon cancer, rectal cancer and breast cancer for the human body. The grains and whole-wheat foods for the breakfast contain abundant folic acid. In addition, the foods like orange juice, egg and spinach also contain rich folic acid. At the same time, the smoked meat and sausage should be avoided as far as possible, because such foods contain a large number of carcinogenic substances. The intake of tomatoes can be increased moderately, which can decrease the risks of getting various cancers like prostate cancer. The lycopene contained in tomatoes plays an important role in preventing the formation of cancer for the human body. When people are free, they can drink green tea. The frequent intake of green tea can effectively decrease the morbidity of cancers, such as bladder cancer, gastric cancer and pancreatic cancer. Except green tea, the boiled water is also suitable for people to drink. The adequate intake of boiled water can improve the urination and dilute the hidden carcinogenic substances in the bladder. What’s more, the drinking amount should be strictly controlled. The excessive drinking can seriously increase the intake of getting cancer.

In a word, people should maintain the balanced diet in everyday life so as to prevent the occurrence of cancer and reduce the risks of getting cancer for themselves to the full extent.


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