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Chemiluminescence equation

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Chemiluminescence equation

Post  tpe.luminescence.duby on Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:25 pm

Hello everyone !
I am currently running a project in high school in France, where I live, and the topic is chemiluminescence. My group tried to do experiment to produce chemiluminescence with luminol, and it worked ! We used : Distilled water, peroxyde hydrogene, copper sulfate pentahydrate, sodium carbonate, ammonium oxalate, and of course, luminol.
But the problem is, we want to write the equation of the reaction, but we don't know what the products are ! So that's why I'm here, hoping for a little help from awesome scientists
I have the beginning of the equation, if it can help :
H2O2 + H2O + CuSO4ยท5H2O + Na2CO3 + C2H8N2O4 + C8H7N3O=> ...
If you could help us, it would be amazing, as this is a huge part of our final grade !
Thank you in advance,


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