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Introductory Chemistry Final Exam Help

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Introductory Chemistry Final Exam Help

Post  TankOnTop on Wed May 23, 2012 7:32 pm

5. What volume in mL would 400g of milk occupy if the density of the milk = 1.031g/mL?
10. If you have 2.777x10^39 atoms, then how many moles do you have?
11. 1000mg would contain how many atoms?
13. What type of compound is Strontium Chloride?
14. What is the correct name for H2SO2?
16 Which type of orbital is shaped | | / \?
23. What orbital is the valence shell in?
25. What is the gemetry bond angle for Carbon Diselenide (CSe2)
27. What is the name for aqueous hydrogen sulfate when dissolved in water?
28. What is the mass percent composition of manganese in calcium permanganate?
34. TRUE or FALSE: The products of a precipitation reaction will always be same solid compound with other aqueous/gaseous substances
35. TRUE or FALSE: The products of a neutralization reaction will always be liquid water and an ionic salt.
43. If the volume of a gas is 650mL at a pressure of 160,000 pascals and a temp of 87degrees (celsius), what will the volume be at standard conditions?
47. What is the mass percent of solute?
48. What is the molar concentration of solute?
49. What is the mass percent of solvent?
50. What is the titak nass if sodium chloride contained in 50 mL of the solution?


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